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Dentures and Partial Plates

If you suffer from impaired speech and function due to missing or damaged teeth, dentures or partial plates may be a wonderful solution for you. Crafted to fit you perfectly, these removable apparatuses can either consist of full dentures, to replace entire sets of teeth, or partials, if only a few teeth are missing. Soon you’ll be able to eat the foods you love, speak clearly, and enjoy a beautiful, gleaming smile again.

What Happens at an Appointment

The first step towards restoring your smile is a consultation with Brampton North Dental. You will meet with one of our dentists who will inform you of each option available to you. If you decide dentures are right for you, molds of your teeth will be taken to ensure a perfect fit. Your new appliance will be colored to match your existing teeth to give you a natural, undetectable result.

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Evening & Weekend Appointments

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Direct Insurance Billing

We can bill your insurance directly, no more waiting for reimbursements.

Flexible Payment Plans

If you're in need of assistance, we offer payment plans for your dental work.